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It has been said that Sakurai-san is terrible when it comes to artistic inclinations. What makes you think “but if it was this then I can draw it too!”?

A) Fish      B) Snake      C) Sheep      D) Nothing

SAKURAI: Everything from A to C! I personally think I’m very artistic, so. I can draw anything, I’ll draw them! (×)

Tagged by tenshion-appuru !! (Im sorry for the late i didnt notice uwu but really thanks anyway! ^^)

[Im not tagging anyone tho but do it if you want ^^;]

1. Your nickname
; ryn ! :D

2. Eye Colour
; dark-slightly-light brown

3. Hair colour
; black since born. :)

4. One fact about you
; i dont like strawberries. I dont hate it but i just dont eat it.

5. Favorite Colour
; all black to grey colour and mixture of sea blue and pinkish purple. (Hella im so weird lol)

6. Favorite Place
; Mekah. Japan is in no.2 but really this place is a holy place for muslims and i really love it. I need to be there before i die even once

7. Favorite Celebrity
; Takaki Yuya (this eternal loser ofc) , Ninomiya Kazunari , Mizuhara Kiko

8. Favorite Animal
; RABBIT FOR SURE . And horses. They are pretty

9. Favorite Song
; candle (jump) . This like really

10. Favorite Book
; basically dorothy koomson’s book but i like my best friend’s girl the most

24.09.2007 - 24.09.2014 

Thank you for those 7 years, please continue making us smile ♡